Jason Amada 

About Me

Jason Amada is constantly looking for new methods to learn new things. Amada grew up in New York City, not a typical American hamlet. Both Forest Hills and the Upper West Side of Manhattan were his homes.

Jason Amada starts his own online e-commerce company concentrating on Amazon and eBay. At Amada's new corporation, he could combine his skills while also being his boss, setting his hours, and running his own business.

Just as in New York City, Jason Amada has constructed his version of the tiny American businessman. Amada's rather than the traditional shop, counter, and physical store model. The e-commerce store simplifies Amada's business life. Instead of supervising 50 jobs each day on a store floor, Amada uses computers. Customers may browse whenever they want, while Amada can focus on marketing and advertising 90% of the time. Essentially, he spends far more time producing value than managing and serving clients.

Jason Amada is always looking for ways to help his community. He remembers his New Yorker upbringing. So, when he can, Amada helps youngsters today via community center projects and local groups that rely on people like Amada to help the kids they serve.

Jason Amada's Baruch College business degree paid well. In his current role as CEO of an online firm, he learns by doing, watching people, and trying out ideas. That information is invaluable in running a successful e-commerce business and cannot be taught in a classroom.

Jason Amada believes the Internet will continue to grow in new business opportunities. NFT is rapidly expanding, allowing for more development, growth, and custom options. For online sellers like Jason, the line between selling real and digital goods is continually blurring. And Jason Adama hopes to be at the forefront of the new business paradigm.

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